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National Cycle Network Plan

In January 2023, A plan to build a National Cycle Network by 2040 was been unveiled. The National Cycle Network plan would create 3,500km across the country. Most of it would be developed alongside existing roads, with segregated cycle lanes a priority although shared space may be used on quiet routes. The network is designed to link up settlements of 5,000 people or more but would also have local spurs stretching out to public transport hubs, schools, colleges, business parks, leisure facilities and tourist attractions.

In Wexford, there are several proposed corridors, including one between New Ross and Enniscorthy. This cycle corridor will untilise the remains of the old Macmine-New Ross railway as well as along country roads with a segregated cycleway. Like all proposed corridors, there is a 4km margin from the core route which allows for any necessary deviations. 

Check out the full National Cycle Network plan below.

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National Cycle Network plan

National Cycle Network plan in Wexford

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